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Velcro Welding Tape

What materials are available for KlettWelding tapes?

NanoWired can currently supply the following material variants of KlettWelding-Tape:

  • Core materials: copper, polyimide / standard = copper
  • Core thickness Cu: 5µm, 20µm, 100µm,... 2mm / Standard = 20µm
  • Core thickness PI: 12µm, 25µm, 50µm
  • NanoWiring diameter: 30nm,... 4µm / Standard = 1µm
  • NanoWiring fill factor: 10%,... 40% / Standard = 18%
  • NanoWiring material: copper, silver, gold, nickel / standard = copper
  • Hybrid designs are also possible, where NanoWired is combined with a nickel diffusion barrier.
  • Homogeneity: Various quality classes are available for copper nanowiring. Standard, Premium, Special
  • Special feature of the insulation Velcro welding tape: The Insulation Velcro Welding Tape is also available structured and with vias.

Special feature of the Insulation Velcro Welding Tape: The Insulation Velcro Welding Tape is also available structured and with vias.

What material is the KlettWelding-Tape insulating tape made of? What is the dielectric strength?

  • We use polyimide as insulation material for insulation Velcro welding tapes.
  • The usual thicknesses are possible:
    • Asia: 12 µm
    • Europe: 25 µm (dielectric strength 7.8 kV)
    • Additional: 50 µm / 75 µm

What are the hybrid KlettWelding tapes needed for?

  • Particularly when power electronics assemblies and components are used, they are SHIELDED with a SILVER SURFACE.
  • In order to connect such modules and assemblies to a copper-clad PCB, NanoWired GmbH has developed a hybrid Velcro Welding Tape with an integrated diffusion barrier.
  • One side of the surface is SILVER - NanoWiring and the other side consists of copper NanoWiring. This makes it possible to directly connect two substrates with differently metallised surfaces using VelcroSintering. metallised surfaces using VelcroSintering+.
  • Penetration and infiltration of the copper by silver atoms is reliably prevented by the nickel diffusion barrier.

Protection: Insulation Velcro Welding Tape

What is the CTE and heat transfer of different materials?

Is it possible to repair a destroyed connection?

  • Yes, with the KlettWelding tape the destroyed connection between two components can be restored. This does not require a new surface treatment with NanoWiring.
  • KlettSinter+
    A new connection can be made by Velcro sintering with Velcro Welding Tape (from 170° C). Whether 6″" or 8″ is irrelevant for the dispenser application, but certainly a know-how-relevant process.
  • KlettGlueing+
    Alternatively, the mechanical strength can also be achieved by gluing, the KlettWelding-Tape provides the electrical contact of the components.

Velcro Welding Tape, Surfaces

- The used base metallization and the materials of the NanoWires have differences in their length variation.
- The quality of the electrolyte used can also influence the homogeneity.
- The distribution and diameter of the NanoWiring structure have a negligible scattering.

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