Tagesspiegel Interview with Olav Birlem

"The creation of nano-wiring structures is actually a well-known technology," says Olav Birlem. Research was already being done on this worldwide 20 years ago. However, the technique could only be applied to an area the size of a postage stamp. "However, we have managed to grow the hairs on 300 by 300 millimetres within half an hour and thus create the connection between the...
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Taishi Industrial promotes 3D nanoarchitecture to solve hybrid bonding and heat treatment problems

Currently, it is determined to use this nanowire metal as a high-precision connection microstructure (interconnection). Due to the quantum mechanical effect of the nanostructure, the length, angle and line width of the nanowire are precisely controlled. Different combination specifications can change the physical properties of the metal and create a new technology for joining two pieces of metal at normal temperature to replace the traditional high-temperature soldering process....
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Winner of the German Innovation Award 2020

NanoWired is making the next performance push in electronics with its novel interconnection technologies. Three basic processes have been developed: NanoWiring, KlettWelding, KlettSintering. Based on metallic nanorases on any surface (NanoWiring), a highly conductive, permanently solid metallic 0Ω connection is created at low temperature (KlettWelding, KlettSintering). In this way, it is possible to realise the current and future development needs in microelectronics, which...
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