Our technology substitutes all thermal interface materials (abbreviated TIM). The KlettWelding tape is inserted between two components to improve the thermal coupling between them.


Our technology makes it possible to conduct electricity without the joint heating up as in soldering, and this with an electrical resistance of <1µOhm/mm².


Our technology offers a state-of-the-art solution for precise joining of small and sensitive surfaces, with high speed and highest accuracy.




NanoWired GmbH presents the NanoWiring Cube!

An automatic production machine that allows you to process any metallic or metalized surface with our NanoWiring process.

Possible applications

NanoWired offers the most efficient alternative to connect your technology!

We bond any metallic or metallized surface!

Our technology is classically used in applications such as busbars, power modules, heat sinks, silicon wafers, flip chips or micro controllers.

Our technology

The alternative connection method

to the parameters

The metallic Velcro

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Robust substrates, strong bond

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The connection for sensitive parts

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Press Release: JX Nippon invest in NanoWired

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation ) has decided to take a capital stake in the German start-up NanoWired GmbH

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Underfill can be applied directly to the nanowires

NanoWired makes it possible to produce copper bumps on which the nanowires grow. These bumps realize a defined distance between component and substrate. Thus, underfill materials can be used. KlettWelding with[...]

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A variety of materials can be used for NanoWiring

The nanowires for our mechanically, thermally and electrically extremely conductive connection can be made from almost any metal that can be electrodeposited. However, copper, gold, nickel, silver and[...]

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Our team

NanoWired GmbH. More than just a company!

We need space! With our location in Gernsheim, we have a total of over 800 sqm² at our disposal. Currently they are occupied with office and laboratory rooms, as well as with own clean rooms in the range ISO5 - ISO10.

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