Pressrelease: JX Nippon invest in NanoWired

Pressrelease: JX Nippon invest in NanoWired

Finally we can publish the press release:

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation (President: Murayama Seiichi; „the Company“) has decided to take a capital stake in the German start-up NanoWired GmbH (CEO: Olav Birlem; „NanoWired“).


Based in Germany, a global center of metal-related industries where cutting-edge research in fields such as IoT and AI is flourishing, NanoWired develops technologies for growing fine wire less than 1um diameter(„NanoWires“) on various substrates and production equipment for such NanoWires. Compared to conventional bonding techniques that use solder or similar fusible alloys, growing NanoWires on substrates enables bonding at room temperature or lower heat and higher density in shorter time, making it possible to achieve high electrical and thermal conductivity and bonding strength.


Demand for miniaturization and higher performance of electronic devices has accelerated in conjunction with the recent expansion of the IoT society, presenting challenges for dealing with heat generated due to higher-density electronic devices and improving product reliability. In response to these challenges, NanoWired is contributing to the realization of innovative electronic devices by proactively developing electrical and thermal interface materials* that utilize NanoWire technology, as well as semiconductor mounting technologies.


The JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group Long-Term Vision 2040 sets direction for engaging in co-creative development with partners to constantly create new technology-based business, and as part of these efforts the Company is advancing collaboration with start-ups. Through such co-creation, the Company will strengthen its relationship with NanoWired and undertake various forms of collaboration. Examples for consideration include providing materials required for NanoWire growing processes, such as copper foil and plating materials; joint development focused on future social trends, including those in the semiconductor mounting field, where growth is expected to accelerate; and application of NanoWire technologies to the Company’s products.


The Company will proactively strive to develop new products together with its partners, and by proposing and supplying cutting-edge materials essential to innovative electronic devices, will contribute to realizing a sustainable society.


*Materials that can efficiently radiate heat by bridging gaps between components and reducing thermal contact resistance.

Here you can find the JX-Group:


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